Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A BACKSTAGE PASS! Cotadastreetz and COA were formally invited by Power 99's own DJ COSMIC KEV Backstage at Kev's Celebrity BDay Bash the night of Made of America tour

Featuring artists from Good Music and even Dj's such as Hot 97's own  Funk Master Flex, although we may have arrived a little late, we STILL arrived and we were RIGHT ON TIME....Shout out to Cosmic Kev for showing us mad love! #COA

Myself and Cota da Streetz   #COA

On stage

Check the crowd......#stretched !!!!

Cota and FA  #COA

Funk Master Flex on the 1s and 2s 

                                                          Pusha T performing LIVE!

Cota and Funk Flex 


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