Friday, December 21, 2012

Boro HIGH- Behind the Scenes Photos

Scarlett Nuvvo 

 On 12/20/12 Scarlett Nuvvo got together wit the Boro Boys Dre Skuffs and Tdot Illdude, as well as Rnb singer Nyticka Hemingway to bring the collaboration "Boro High" to life. The video shoot was held at a local restaurant/lounge in the town which all 3 artists are native, Willingboro, NJ. Shot by Redd Penn Media, and directed by Dre Skuffs himself, Boro High brought out the smooth livelihood of   Boro natives, the class, & the street feel, yet still embracing the suburban-hood of the town as well. With Tdot now managing Grammy Nominated producer Cardiak Flatline, and the crazed fullfillment of  producer/artist Mike Zombie signing to Drake's OVO label, Willingboro is seemingly on the rise. Cameos range from Smitty the Passenger, Rudder, The Gentleman, Mike Zombie, and more. With a Town full of talent, heart, and pride...we present to you...just a lil taste...of the Boro HIGH.

Tdot iLLdude & Scarlett Nuvvo

MakeUP by - Tasha Counts 

Smitty The Passenger & Scarlett Nuvvo

Mike Zombie & Scarlett Nuvvo 

                                                     Mike Zombie & Scarlett Nuvvo 

                                                Scarlett  Nuvvo _CloseUP 

                     Tdot Illdude & Scarlett Nuvvo on set 


                                                                   Scarlett Nuvvo & Kardan 


Mikey Mcfly, Nuvvo & Scoop

        Smitty The Passenger, Rudder Mike Zombie & Scarlett Nuvvo 

Feet Up...Shoes Off 

Myself & Meesh 

Big Meesh


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